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In November, 2011 Pasona Korea Co., Ltd. was established in Seoul/South Korea, in order to meet the needs for the talented people who can play an active part globally of South Korea and Japanese company.

Since its foundation, PASONA GROUP has been challenging to create job to pursue its central corporate philosophy, which aims at building a better society by creating various employment infrastructures.

For the Korean company which has strengthened the overseas expansion to an emerging countries, the employment of the talented people who can play an active part globally is still more important factor.
Moreover, in today’s internationalization progresses, the number of the Japanese companies which advance to South Korea is also increasing splendidly.
The needs for the talented people who can serve as a mediator with the Japanese head office are growing.
Pasona Korea will support the company’s personnel strategy by Cross-Border Services with our networks worldwide.

Company Profile

Corporate Name :
Pasona Korea Co.,Ltd.
Address :
1220 , 12F , Chengdam Venture Plaza , Seolleungno 704 ,Gangnam-gu , Seoul , 06069 , Korea
Establishment :
November 2011
Business Activities :
Placement & Recruiting
Managing Director :
Taehyung Kim

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